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Ronald L. Dison, CFP
® has been in private practice as a financial planner since 1980.  Effective Janurary 1, 2002, we are doing business as Dison Wealth Management (DWM). 

ECA Tax Services, Inc., our wholly owned sister company, provides an executive level tax preparation service for our financial planning clients at their request. Mr. Ronald Dison is also an
Enrolled Agent (EA).

New for 2022:

As my current Investment clients know, significant steps have been taken in anticipation of my future retirement by implementing a succession plan.

Marc Guess is a friend and colleague I have worked with. Looking to the future and to reduce the impact of the transition concerning retirement or, should something happen to me, Marc and I are now Joint Registered Representatives (Joint Rep(s)). Clients now have 2 Registered Representatives to look after their best interests. All of my clients were informed and accepted the addition of Marc.

Here is some background information on Marc.

Beginning in 2001, Marc became a Registered Representative for IFG/Multi Financial which in January of 2013 became Cetera Advisors LLC.

During this time, Marc also worked for State Auto Insurance Co.: from 2006 to 2019, when he retired. After this, he began working as a Supervisor for Quad Associates; an Insurance Industry support entity focusing on Compliance and Regulatory issues. All told, Marc has over 35 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. And Marc has been a Registered Representative for 20 years. (Further details of his employment background, including specific areas of his expertise in the Insurance Industry, appear on Marc’s resume which is available upon request.)

Marc holds a B.S. Management degree from Ball State University.

Marc also holds an Indiana Life Insurance License

My staff and I continue to service our clients personally.  Marc, as “Joint Rep”, will be in the background unless he is needed. He will be studying and observing investment account activities to familiarize himself with our clients and has already met with some: virtually as well as in-person.

When I ultimately do retire, my name will be dropped from investment accounts. Clients will see no change other than the change of Registered Representative/Financial Advisor.

I trust this implementation of a succession plan has made all current and prospective clients feel better about the issue of my future retirement.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions list. These will answer some important questions upfront.

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What is an Enrolled Agent?

First, an Enrolled Agent is not an employee of the IRS or any government agency. Enrolled Agent means that the individual is "enrolled" with the IRS to act as an "agent" for the taxpayer. EAs are one of only three categories of people authorized by the Treasury Department to represent all classes of taxpayers before any administrative level of the IRS, the others being CPAs and Attorneys.

EAs earn the credential by passing an extensive two-day exam on tax laws. Administered by the IRS, it is a difficult exam with only about 30% of applicants passing each year. In addition, there is a significant continuing education requirement.
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What is a Certified Financial Planner?

The *Certified Financial Planner (CFP) practitioner is a member of a distinguished profession dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals, families, and businesses.

"Certified Financial Planner
™  " is far more than a title; it is a precise definition of a person`s competence, experience, and intelligence in the complex profession of financial planning. To earn this title, the person must demonstrate competence in analyzing and developing personal and business financial plans through the successful completion of a series of rigorous financial planning examinations. These exams cover the financial planning process, insurance, investments, tax law, pension plans, and estate planning.

Professionals meeting the educational, experience, and ethical standards established by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards are licensed and authorized to use the CFP mark.

® and Certified Financial Planner™   are registered service marks of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board).back to FAQs

What type of Investments does Dison Wealth Management (DWM) recommend?

DWM is focused on helping clients maximize their long-term investment potential. To do this we primarily recommend Mutual Funds and Fixed and Variable Annuities that are appropriate to each client.

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How is DWM Compensated for their planning services?

Individuals may receive an initial hour of consultation at no charge. Beyond that, DWM charges $120.00 per hour for their planning services, due when specified by the agreement.

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If I have a financial plan made, how do I implement it?

You may implement your plan through any advisor of your choice. Ronald Dison, as a Registered Representative, can implement your plan through his broker/dealer, Cetera Advisors LLC (Cetera Advisors LLC).

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If I do choose to implement my financial plan through Cetera Advisors LLC, how do they get paid?

If you choose to implement your financial plan with Cetera Advisors LLC they will be paid via a commission deducted from your investment.

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Does this method of payment create a conflict of interest?

This method of payment may be considered a conflict of interests. However, as a CFP
® Practitioner, Ronald Dison is required to remain objective in rendering professional services.

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If I want to invest, am I required to have a complete financial plan made?

No, there is no requirement that you have a financial plan made. If you want to invest without a plan, you will be asked various questions about your current financial situation. This information is gathered in order to make recommendations that would be suitable for you.

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How can I make an appointment to speak with an DWM Advisor?

The easiest way is to call DWM`s office at (317) 297-1722. They will assist you in selecting a time that fits your schedule.

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