Ronald L. Dison, CFP, EA

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First, here is a brief summary of my investment philosophy.

Unless clients desire investments with more risk, I take a somewhat conservative approach: investing Moderately Conservative, Moderate and at times, Moderately Aggressive. All this is based on the client’s “Best Interests”. Regarding both Advisory and Retail brokerage accounts, I recommend and buy a mix of Mutual Funds, Bonds and some Stock. Variable Annuities are ideal for some clients as an alternative to brokerage accounts.

Concerning client servicing, ongoing Investment and Advisory Services for our clients include a relatively new client resource: a web portal to their investments. The new portal is called AdviceWorks. We also offer Retirement Planning. If you are close to retiring or, thinking about it in advance, consider our services. New clients are always welcome!


AdviceWorks has new and different features from its predecessor; NetXInvestor. In addition to accessing investment account activity and setting up eDelivery functions, we can “share” documents and information. Opening new accounts can be done using AdviceWorks. This includes eDelivery of the mandatory disclosures. While it is capable of processing eSignatures for forms, we can still choose to print forms and obtain signatures.

Concerning reporting, Quarterly performance reports and are available electronically: unless you specifically request paper delivery. There is currently no charge to receive quarterly reports by mail if you choose.

Below, you will find a link to two pdf documents. They are both one-page “flyers” about AdviceWorks: “Simplify Your Financial Picture – Without Compromising It” and, “Your Security is Very Important to Us”. I believe you will find them very informative.

AdviceWorks - Your Financial Big Picture. Always in Focus.

AdviceWorks - Your Security is Very Important to Us

Retirement Planning:

Cetera Advisors makes available to its’ Registered Representatives who are Certified Financial Planners, a highly effective software program: MoneyGuidePro. The program can generate a Financial Goal Plan.

We start with Cetera Advisors' “Your Retirement Lifestyle Workbook” and a monthly budget worksheet. Questions are posed in the “Workbook” to identify Goals, Wishes and Wants. Enter monthly expenditures in the budget worksheet. These are a few of the steps leading up to the Financial Goal Plan. Of course, we meet, talk and other data is exchanged as well.

The resulting Financial Goal Plan will contain, among other things, a Summary of Goals and Resources, a summation of Risk and Porfolio Information and Results. The Results section contains a Probability of Success presented as a percentage. This is a summary based on Current and What If Scenarios; the variations being such factors as, at what age you choose to retire, when your goals are implemented, different levels of expenditure to achieve those goals and, how your investments are estimated to perform. The What If Worksheet(s) present scenario variations and compare them to the Current Scenario.

We are here to serve you, our client as well as those who are at this point, merely considering our services. Anyone who is interested in learning more may reach us by utilizing any method of contact referenced to the right of this in the Contact Us section.

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